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Uniware provides a wide range of EPoS terminals to clients in all industries across the world.

With over 25 years of experience we have become a world leader in retail hospitality and restaurant point of sale systems. 

Uniware Cloud Management

A made-to-measure back office enables Uniware to provide a bespoke and powerful solution that fits your requirements. Centrally manage all aspects of your PoS estate through the Uniware Cloud at


  • Manage the entire EPoS and linked modules with the Uniware Cloud.

  • Centralised management of EPoS and retail locations. 

  • Accessible online at all times. 

  • Update products, prices barcodes and more quickly. 

  • Set up promotions and offers.

  • Manage and tailor till maps for different service times and schedule their changes. 

  • Run and schedule reports with key sales data and more. 

Hospitality PoS

Uniware work across a variety of hospitality and contract catering businesses in sites that include Business establishments, Law Firms, Advertising, Education, Tourism and more. 

  • Quick data input

  • Simple user interfaces

  • Customisable till map layers

  • Linked seamlessly to Upay payments, EFT and Cash

  • Full of promotions & marketing potential

  • Web-based reporting

  • Various integrations including to finance systems, site cards and BI platforms




Uniware's self-service solution allows order & pay and checkout for customers in any outlet. Our kiosk-based solution is simple to use with intelligent workflows and a clean user experience. We tailor your peripherals and the self-service software to target the needs of you customer base.

Self serve2 small.jpg
  • Automatically programmed to upsell products through sides and extras

  • Quick payment = no queues

  • Less operator overheads

  • Streamlined customer controlled process

  • Available as a kiosk, tablet, screen

  • Dedicated artwork for your business 

Mobile PoS

The addition of a mobile or tablet PoS offers clients more success when reacting to changing conditions. In peak hours, a mobile PoS allows staff to minimise waiting times at the point of queuing; improving the all-important customer experience and boosting customer retention.

  • Minimise waiting times at the point of queuing. 

  • Switch between mobile and then docked status for flexible EPoS. 

  • Used for mobile trolley service conditions, pop-up events and stalls. 

  • Work wirelessly through WiFi or 3G and 4G networks. 

  • Also work offline if there is no network facility or in the case of a network failure. 

Retail PoS

Retail dedicated EPoS provided to 24/7 motorway services retail operations, high street stores, campus shops, tourist retail, theatres, hotels, galleries and more. ​With integrations available to streamline full retail sales activity.

  • Flexible EPoS layouts to cover a variety of retail locations.

  • Barcode scanning, integrated payments, retail heavy promotions and loyalty schemes, stock look up and much more.

  • Direct integrations with e-procurement, retail stock and BI platforms.

Barista Ordering

Allow your customers to purchase coffees quickly even in periods of high footfall. The ordering solution assists the Barista team members with the organisation, fulfilment and communication of the order. The system covers communication to the customer and reduces the order pass over time between the till operator and barista. Orders are managed timely and effectively with no orders being forgotten or lost as can be the case with paper-based order management. 

  • Bump bars and kitchen printing seamlessly integrated with EPoS.

  • Easily managed by the 'bump' of a button.

  • Digital order complete screens available and customisable with your brand.

  • Full hardware configuration and support from our team.

  • Printer sound alerts.

  • Timers detailing ticket activity 

  • Alerts for items active over X amount of time.


Uniware works with a number of hardware suppliers and work with the client to choose the best solution for their business. Partners include Toshiba, Oxhoo, HP, Posiflex, Conker and many more.  

  • Affordable and reliable EPoS ranges that are tailored to your business. 

  • Powerful Retail and Hospitality hardened. 

  • Full peripheral offering from printers to digital screens. 

  • Highest standards of technology

  • Wide range offered

  • Sleek terminals with strong design focus

PoS Rental

Uniware offers a PoS rental solution for varying purposes including limited life contracts, pop-up restaurants & retail areas, last-minute client take-overs or interim periods whilst site innovation is being planned. 

  • Various PoS rental options on handheld, fixed and self service terminals. 

  • Full range of peripherals available including EFT, receipt printers, barcode scanners and more. 

  • Available for short-term rental for pop-ups or long-term rental between contracts. 



Restaurant PoS

Turn your PoS into a fully functioning restaurant system with a range of capabilities. Working well with handheld PoS terminals, but also perfect for a fixed system, smoothly operate your restaurant area. 

  • Intuitive restaurant areas with tables and tabs. 

  • Split bills on percentage, amount, items or seat position. 

  • Seamless communication between the restaurant PoS, kitchen and bar staff to printers and bump bars.

  • Enterprise Stock control

  • Web-based reporting ​

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