Boosting revenue and Customer Experience with Mobile Point-of-Sale

A mobile EPoS system proves to be an invaluable tool for businesses that require a flexible, portable, and efficient method of accepting payments from their customers.

It serves as the ideal solution for enterprises that are expanding or need to adapt their payment processes to meet evolving customer demands. With this remarkable capability, your customers can make payments anywhere within your establishment, whether they’re inside the premises or enjoying the outdoors.

Steve Kelly recounts his experience

Steve Kelly, Group Finance Manager, Aramark, shared with us his experience when implementing the Uniware Point-of-Sale Mobile (UPoSM) system across multiple corporate sites.

“Our client had a small coffee shop, and we needed an additional till point at the site. Unfortunately, laying a physical cable was not a feasible option due to the newly installed flooring.

In search of alternatives, we discovered the UPoSM, which offered a seamless connection through a sim card or Wi-Fi. We decided to give it a try, and within just a few months, we witnessed the incredible opportunities and benefits that the UPoSM provided. Consequently, we expanded its usage to additional sites.”

A920 UPoSM mobile POS
Boosting revenue and Customer Experience with Mobile Point-of-Sale UPoSM

Rolling Out Further

Aramark had an upcoming opening of an additional large corporate site just a few months away. To address the potential issue of queues forming during peak times, they saw an opportunity in implementing mobile point-of-sale devices. These handheld payment devices enabled front-of-house operators to swiftly handle any queue build-up, effectively busting queues and ensuring smooth transactions.

The Results

The UPoSM devices also gave Aramark the ability to offer table service, greatly enhancing the overall customer experience. Not only did this convenience lead to happier customers, but it also delivered an in increased revenue.

Customers were more likely to order additional rounds of coffees from their tables instead of going through the hassle of queuing again.

Exceeding the clients expectations

The adoption of the UPoSM aligned with the clients objective of utilising space creatively. By creating a communal area and meeting zones, employees were able to collaborate seamlessly across different teams and departments.

Martin Fallows, the Account Manager, emphasised the advantages of these devices, stating, “These devices are little heroes. They not only facilitate quick transactions through their Wi-Fi connectivity but also offer enhanced reliability. Moreover, they are easy to program, with mapping downloaded and ready to go within just 20 minutes. Once set up, they can be brought out during unexpected busy periods, ensuring excellent customer service is maintained.”

By incorporating a mobile point-of-sale system, you can revolutionise your checkout experience, streamlining operations and delighting your customers. With the flexibility to accept payments anywhere, waiting times can be minimised, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

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