EPoS with flexibility and scalability for multi-site multi-markets

Contract Caterer Solutions

Contract caterers seek EPoS solutions offering flexibility, scalability, and reliability, tailored to complex multi-site, multi-market services.

Uniware’s adaptable proprietary software ensures solutions meet diverse client needs, enabling smooth operations and enhanced customer satisfaction. With Uniware as a one-stop-shop supplier, clients can address any issues seamlessly, ensuring a smooth experience.

Easily customisable menus to accommodate diverse catering needs and menu changes.


Efficient order processing and management to handle varying order volumes.


Seamless integration with inventory management, CRM, and other relevant systems for a cohesive workflow.

Support for various payment methods for all their client needs, including cashless transactions, closed loop member schemes, contactless payments, bursary schemes, UPay digital wallet, Order Ahead and Scan Order & Pay.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics for insights into sales trends, popular items, specific skates and overall business performance.

Mobile and tablet support for on-the-go transactions and flexibility in catering setups.

Capability to function offline to mitigate disruptions in areas with limited connectivity.

Contract catering EPOS solutions

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