Pushing the Boundaries of EPoS Tech and Innovation!

A Landmark Workshop by Aramark UK and Uniware

Aramark UK Education and Defence sectors partnered with Uniwares Technical and Project Management teams for an innovative workshop at Leeds Trinity University. It was a remarkable demonstration of collaboration and forward-thinking.

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Expanding technological possibilities

The event aimed to push the boundaries of technology to enhance client experiences, uniting experts and leaders to explore and expand technological possibilities in their fields. Participants engaged with new kiosks, self-serve tills, and AI technology from Mashgin, and focused on software development for better multisite integration, simplifying the onboarding of new sites.

A commitment to excellence and collaboration

The workshop underscored the importance of ongoing investment in growth and development, highlighting the strong and innovative partnership between Aramark UK and Uniware. This collaboration aims to ensure that both companies remain at the cutting edge of EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) technology, setting new standards for the industry.

Fiona Martin Managing Director Education & Healthcare, Aramark UK, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The dedication and innovative thinking showcased during the workshop instil great confidence in the future. With such a strong commitment to excellence and collaboration, Aramark UK and Uniware are well-positioned to continue leading the way in technology and client service, setting new benchmarks for the industry.”

Staying at the forefront of industry developments

Directors from various sites, all of whom face similar challenges shared their experiences and strategies, they highlighted how consistency across the group can serve as a powerful tool for effective management. At the same time, they recognised the need for flexibility to adapt to specific customer needs, ensuring tailored solutions that enhance customer satisfaction.

Participants engaged in deep discussions about upcoming trends and strategies to stay ahead of the game, reinforcing the importance of being proactive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Alex Head, General Manager, Uniware Systems commented “The workshop provided a fantastic platform for sharing innovative ideas and strengthened the collaborative spirit between Aramark UK and Uniware. The insights and strategies developed during this event are set to drive significant advancements in technology, ensuring that both companies can deliver exceptional service and stay at the forefront of industry developments.”

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