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UPay App

An Engaging Relationship

Create a fully branded app experience for your customers with the UPay – Uniwares mobile App and desktop application. UPay is packed with functionality to help you create an engaging, loyal relationship with your customers.

  • Connect to student / staff ID cards
  • Balance checks and top-ups
  • E-receipts
  • Manage subsidiaries / bursaries
  • Charged to department budgets
  • Send targeted offers messages
  • Ability to send offers to select or multiple sites
  • Building up points to encourage repeat custom
  • Builds engagement with your brand
  • Widen purchase behaviour: 6 coffees and free cake reward (introducing new habits)
  • Entice new customers / introduce new products with effectiveness
  • Meal deals, digital stamp cards, QR code vouchers and discounts
  • Insight to highlight quiet days / hours which are ideal opportunities for promotions
  • Push notifications for effective promotions for a target audience
  • Chip & Pin, Contactless, card machines, Mobile Payment, ApplePay and GooglePay
  • Retailer gets cash in advance
  • Transaction charge per top up not by transaction

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UPay app on a mobile phone

QR Code Menu

An Order Kiosk in Your Customers Pocket

No sign up or app download required, QR codes can be used to order from the table without needing to leave valuables or disrupt team gatherings to order.

With the ability to browse the menu, order and pay from their mobile devices your customers get the advantages of a kiosk in their pocket.

Scan order pay menu QR codes menu can be used to order from the table

Order Ahead

Click & Collect

Uniware’s Order Ahead module allows busy customers to conveniently place orders from anywhere, choosing pickup or delivery at their convenience.

It ensures timely preparation, boosts customer service, and offers multiple outlets for pickup or delivery, allowing users to select items, pay, and schedule collection via the app.

Order Ahead Click & Collect mobile app

Nutrition & Allergens

Enhanced Customer Experience

Uniware’s nutrition and allergen feature ensures legal compliance while providing customisable options in the app. This empowers customers to personalise orders according to individual dietary restrictions or preferences.

Nutrition and allergen notification feature

Event Management

Booking Module for Ticketing & Payment

Users can effortlessly book single or multiple dates for events like fortnightly dinners, weekly seminars, or formal dinner events. Comprehensive reporting for all, individual, or specific event dates, with quick stats on user/guest attendance and popular meal choices.

Event management software solutions Events 2 module

An EPoS System for Sustainable Hospitality

Uniware’s EPoS system can  bolster your sustainability endeavors, facilitating a positive environmental impact while enhancing efficiency and profitability.

Empower your customers to make informed choices by providing them with insights into the carbon footprint associated with their meal, fostering environmental consciousness.

By reducing reliance on paper receipts, our system allows you to opt for email receipts delivered directly to customers via our Upay app, thereby cutting down paper waste.

Our EPoS system features energy-saving hardware equipped with automatic terminal shutdown functionality during periods of inactivity, minimising energy consumption.

EPoS systems provide robust data analysis capabilities, enabling you to pinpoint areas of waste and streamline expenditures, thereby reducing unnecessary resource consumption.

Reducing food waste through measurement

Uniwares Carbon footprint rating logos


Upay is predominantly the payment business linked to Uniware Systems Ltd.

Upay, as a business, processes payment transactions at Chip & Pin/ Contactless terminals and also provides cashless opportunities with site cards, wearable technology and a mobile app.

The mobile app, called ‘Upay’ is available in the App store and Google Play store. Upay has grown over the years to provide clients and their customers more functionality than just payments.

The Upay mobile app also manage digital loyalty stamp cards, promotions, vouchers, online ordering, function/ event booking and misc. online payments.

If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team, please contact us on or on 0800 393 307.

You can also view more information about Upay on

If you are experiencing an issue with the Upay app, please login to your Upay application either online or through your mobile device’s app.

In the menu you will see a ‘Help’ section. This holds the FAQs for the app and the contact details for the support team if you need them.

Upay is currently operational in the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, Cyprus and Malaysia.

The team are working to roll out the Upay services to other locations at this time so if you would like more information about where we will be rolling out to in the near future, please contact or complete the resellers application form on the resellers page.

Upay manages the payment services for thousands of Chip & Pin terminals across the UK including franchises across the retail, coffee shop and food service sector. We also operate Chip & Pin terminals across universities, in businesses, pubs and bars.

When you make a payment at one of these terminals, for example at a motorway services or in a university cafe, “Upay Ltd – Rochester” will show on your bank statement instead of the location you have expected. This is due to naming rules which Upay’s master merchant services has to adhere to.

If you would like to query this with us, we would be more than happy to talk you through our locations so that we can match up the transactions. Please contact us on

Complete the form and one of our team will make contact as soon as possible.