EPoS Health check – Key questions

4 key questions to help you identify if your EPOS system is due for a health check

4 key questions to help you identify if your EPOS system is due for a health check

Over the past year, an increasing number of our clients have sought efficiency audits to enhance their operations and elevate customer experiences.

To ensure your payment solution remains efficient and effective, Paul Whitcombe, an Account Manager at Uniware, has curated essential questions to help you gauge if your EPoS system requires a health check.

1. Is your hardware older than 5 years?

Aging hardware can hinder performance due to reduced speed and power efficiency. Upgrading to newer hardware enhances overall system performance by boosting speed and reducing downtime, ensuring smoother and more reliable operations.

2. Are you using an out of support operating system?

Operating on an outdated OS poses security risks lacking supported updates and making systems vulnerable to threats. Our Uniware software emphasises proactive security measures and ongoing technological advancements to bolster operational efficiency and security.

3. Have you adapted to evolving customer expectations?

In today’s rapidly evolving customer experience landscape, legacy interfaces may fall short of modern user expectations. Consider innovative solutions like:

  • Self-service kiosks
  • Fast-food kiosk options
  • Mobile POS for table service
  • QR code table menus

These solutions not only streamline service but also elevate the customer experience, potentially enhancing your business performance.

4. Is your system prepared for future demands?

Assess the adaptability of your system to meet evolving business needs. Ensure seamless integration with other business applications, support for increased transaction volumes and compliance with new payment methods and upcoming regulations. Aligning your system with regulatory changes is crucial for operational effectiveness and compliance.

Making Informed Decisions

By considering these factors and conducting a thorough evaluation, you can make informed decisions about your EPoS system’s alignment with your business goals.

Reach out to us if you wish to discuss any of the above or if you would like to learn more about the advantages of our EPoS system.

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