Kiosk boosted average basket size by 19% in the first month

A growing number of restaurants and catering outlets are now investing in self-ordering kiosk technology, and its simple to see why.

The return on investment results are phenomenal, offering customers with an exceptional experience, a streamlined ordering process and boosting average basket size.

Sharon Mangan, Catering Manager, Leeds Beckett University, shares the fantastic news that these kiosks in their first month with the new Uniware kiosk interface, saw a remarkable 19% increase in average basket size.

Recognising the growing demand for efficient and convenient food ordering options on campus, Sharon Mangan championed the introduction of two cutting-edge wall-mounted kiosks at their fast-food outlet. This innovative move to introduce a kiosk system aimed to not only elevate the overall customer experience but also optimise our operational efficiency.

Self-serve order kiosk for hot fast food dining Kiosk

Boosted Basket Size

Wall mounted self order kiosks

Fast food kiosks are proven to enhance basket sizes, thanks to their intuitive visual ordering experience, offering ample customisation options, upselling opportunities, and alleviating the social pressures often associated with in-person ordering. As Sharon Mangan aptly puts it, ‘The increase in basket size is remarkable for its first month of operation.’

Moreover, these kiosks grant you the ability to display video advertisements.

Coca-Cola approached the Chicken Shack, offering their digital advertising video to help boost sales. Sharon Mangan remarks, “The visual appeal of the digital screen is unparalleled; it captures attention better than a stationary screen. We’re also planning to use the kiosks for our marketing messages, promoting the UPay app and special offers.”

Streamlined Ordering Process

One of the primary objectives of introducing these wall-mounted kiosks was to simplify and expedite the food ordering process. These kiosks are equipped with user-friendly touchscreens, enabling students to navigate our menu effortlessly.

Sharon explains, “We made the decision to remove manned tills and solely rely on the wall-mounted kiosks. With two kiosks in place, students politely queue up to place their orders, chatting and enjoying themselves. They then find a seat and relax until their order is ready. No longer are there queues at the till; our staff can focus on preparing orders efficiently.”

Enhanced Customisation

Students can now tailor their orders with just a few taps, selecting their preferred toppings, sides, beverages, and even accommodating special dietary requests. This intuitive interface minimises the chances of order errors, ensuring that each student’s meal is precisely to their liking.

Data-Driven Decisions

Data analysis and visualisation play a pivotal role in making informed operational decisions. Sharon Mangan emphasises, “We observed that customers were arriving earlier and earlier at the Chicken Shack. Staff reported a growing demand for food before 11:00 AM. After a thorough examination of the insights from the Uniware Cloud portal, we identified a clear pattern of early orders before 11:00. This data-backed our decision to start serving at 10:00 this term.”

The introduction of two wall-mounted kiosks at Leeds Beckett University marks a significant stride in our ongoing commitment to help enhance the dining experience for our valued clients outlets. By embracing this innovative technology, we not only meet the evolving needs of our clients but also anticipate the positive impact these kiosks will have on the growth of our client establishments.

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