How do I choose which EPoS?

When choosing an EPoS system, consider factors like the volume and nature of transactions, integration capabilities and the specific requirements of each outlet.

It’s often beneficial to select a flexible solution that can adapt to the diverse, and sometimes the very specific needs of your establishment.


For example you may take advantage of Student VAT exemption on food purchases supplied in the course of education, or the zero rate VAT which applies to to Cold Food Take Away; the chosen system should accommodate these needs seamlessly.

Additionally, you need to ensure the solution you choose is compliant with data security standards and regulations which are crucial to protect sensitive financial information.


EPOS Integration Seamlessly Connected to your internal solutions

Here are some common types of EPoS systems, along with considerations for their use, depending on the area they are intended for.

1. Traditional Staff Managed Tills: Fixed Tills

A conventional staff-managed till, overseen by a cashier who actively assists customers with their transactions, brings a human touch to the checkout experience, ensuring exceptional customer service and addressing the diverse needs of customers. This type of till is particularly well-suited for establishments with more intricate or varied food offerings, where human intervention is crucial to guarantee accurate and personalised service.

2. Grab-n-Go: Self-Service Check-Out

Self-service check-out, also referred to as an automated checkout systems commonly found in supermarkets, empower users to swiftly purchase a few off-the-shelf items, providing a seamless customer experience coupled with an efficient payment process, all without the need for staff assistance. This proves especially advantageous when faced with limited resource availability.

During peak hours, self-service check-outs play a crucial role in minimising queues, offering a practical solution to streamline transactions at busy times. This type of till solution is most effective when your establishment is designed to accommodate a circular customer flow, enhancing the overall efficiency of the checkout process.

3. Hot Fast-Food Dining: Order Kiosks

An order kiosk proves to be the perfect solution for hot fast food dining areas, streamlining the ordering and processing to enhance convenience, efficiency, and provide personalised experiences. Order kiosks empower customers to tailor their orders to exact preferences through high-resolution images of menu items, presenting ample opportunities for upselling to increase basket size. By delegating order entry to kiosks, restaurant staff can redirect their attention to food preparation, customer service, and upkeeping a clean and inviting environment.

4. Agility: Mobile EPoS

A mobile EPoS system stands out as an invaluable asset for an establishment seeking a versatile, portable, and efficient means of accepting payments from their customers. This adaptability transforms it into a multifaceted payment tool, allowing transactions to occur at tables indoors or outdoors, facilitating queue busting, supporting mobile coffee hubs, and catering to special events.

5. Embracing Smartphones: App Based Solutions

With QR codes on tables or menus, your customer gain access to a digital menu, to seamlessly scan, order, and pay directly from their devices, enhancing customer convenience through the use of smartphones. This technology has found significant popularity in communal dining areas, where individuals are often engrossed in working on their laptops and prefer to order without leaving their tables or valuables unattended.

Additionally, app-based EPoS solutions extend beyond basic ordering functionalities, offering services like “order ahead” for those seeking to grab a coffee on their way to a meeting, ensuring a quick and efficient experience. This technology proves especially beneficial in environments with the ability to charging expenses directly to a departmental budget account, streamlining financial transactions.

Also consider the below when choosing your EPoS solution

Accepted payment types

When evaluating the most suitable EPoS solution for your business, it’s important to take into account the types of payments you intend to accept and the associated Merchant payment charges. Uniware provides dependable and cutting-edge EFT solutions that encompass Chip & Pin, Contactless, and Mobile Payment transactions, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. The Uniware UPAY app serves as a customer membership application, enabling users to add credit, check balances, view electronic receipts, collect and redeem loyalty points. Additionally, the app empowers you to send targeted offers to specific groups and offers the capability to provide bursary funds to employees or students.


Evaluate the software systems with which your EPoS requires integration, including finance, inventory management, and kitchen display equipment. At Uniware, we recognise partnerships and integrations as crucial elements for the seamless operation of your establishment. We offer compatibility with existing systems such as SAGE, SAP, ORACLE, Forth, SaffronTech, and Pharos. Leveraging our modern API, Uniware can also develop custom integrations for any other software you may have. This integration not only streamlines processes but also minimises administrative tasks, contributing to an improved overall customer experience.

Operational Management Data

The significance of data analysis cannot be emphasised enough, as it plays a pivotal role in aiding informed operational decisions, especially over multiple sites or locations. This factor should be integral to your assessment when choosing an EPoS solution. With a 24/7 cloud-based back-office, customisable automated reports, and profitability reports, the Uniware system facilitates trend analysis, enabling you to slice and analyse data according to the parameters that matter most to your business. Helping you make insight driven operational decisions.

Around the clock support

It’s also vital when choosing a provider to consider their technical support service level agreement. At Uniware we recognise the critical impact of a malfunctioning till on your operations. That’s why our dedicated Support Team is always available to offer prompt and comprehensive assistance for all your technical needs, around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Uniwares software is developed in the UK, ensuring close collaboration and reliable support from our in-house team to all our clients so you can be assured, our knowledgeable team is here to help whenever you need us.

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