Are you using your EPoS to its full potential?

EPoS technology has revolutionised the hospitality industry, offering numerous advantages like cashless transactions and enhanced accuracy.

As the technology continues to evolve, your EPoS solution can offer even more potential benefits. Below are the key 7 areas an EPoS solution can help your establishment.

Accuracy & Speed

EPoS systems capture real-time sales data, providing valuable insights into consumer preferences and peak times. Accurate data plays a critical role in making informed decisions about menu offerings, stock management, and resource allocation.

Are you using your EPoS to its full potential?


Efficient integration of various systems can be a challenge for any establishment. Uniware stands out by offering seamless integration with existing systems like SAGE, SAP, ORACLE, Forth, SaffronTech, and Pharos. This integration streamlines processes, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances the overall customer experience.

Features & Tools

Uniware’s experience in supplying EPoS systems to the hospitality industry has led to the development of modules tailored to meet our client specific requirements. These modules include self-serve options, split bill functionality, bursary accounts, meal entitlements, loyalty scheme tools and flexible price bands for staff or closed group loyalty schemes.


EPoS systems provide precise inventory tracking, optimising stock levels to reduce wastage and prevent stockouts. It is essential to have an advanced suite of reports and graphical visualisation on sales, products, outlets, as well as automated cash-ups. With these valuable reports and insight our clients have a confident decision-making tool.

Customer Experience

EPoS systems enhance the customer and staff experience by reducing waiting times and improving operational efficiency. Self-serve kiosks further enhance service, leading to shorter queues and increased customer satisfaction. Mobile Point of Sale (UPoSM) solutions facilitate efficient sales processes in temporary or mobile locations, offering rapid deployment with minimal setup time.

Implementation & Maintenance

Initial setup costs, including hardware, software, ongoing maintenance and support can be daunting when you need to upgrade your EPoS system. But choosing a cost-effective solution that keeps pace with evolving technology and customer demands will give you a clear ROI.

Combating Food Waste with EPoS

An EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) system can be a powerful tool in reducing food waste. By tracking sales in real-time, providing detailed insights into the consumption patterns of customers. This data helps you accurately predict demand, optimise inventory levels, reduce overproduction and identify trends and patterns in customer preferences.

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With the continuous advancement of technology your EPoS system can be a valuable tool to help you streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and combat food waste.

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