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This week’s article focuses on our white labelling offering that adds that personal touch to the Upay app and website. Innovation has allowed us to create a cost-effective white labelling solution powerful enough to bring promotions, loyalty, payments and more features to the fingertips of your customers. 

We have a few clients in various sectors including a university, motorway service station, gym and B&I client, that have white labelled versions of Upay in their businesses and it is a great success for keeping in with the brand.

Each app across the different industries are all of different configurations. Some have the Shop module whereas another is simply a loyalty only application. Whether you are a supplier or the client, application can be white labelled to meet any brand.

The ability to offer a white labelled version is a big winner with most opportunities and has won us some of the biggest contracts so far in 2017! 

The process of White Labelling

During the sales and installation process, a dedicated Project Manager works with the client alongside the Development and Marketing teams to apply the best white labelled design for the business.

The client has the freedom to change font style, background image, logo and primary & secondary colours.

Once the Upay features have been decided, visuals are supplied to show the client a mock-up of what the system looks like in their branding. Once the design has been confirmed, all that’s left to do is set up the application and launch!

What features are available with White Labelling

All standard Upay features are available to white labelled customers such as:

  • Loyalty Points & Promotions

  • Push Notifications

  • Statements

  • Balance & Account information 

  • Documents 

  • Wallet Management 

  • Multiple Purses 

  • User Configurable Settings

In addition to the standard features, ther modules are available too to add on to your white labelled application.

  • Shop online ordering

  • Events for event/ticket booking

  • Online Payments for taking payments for trips, accommodation, supplies etc

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