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The University

At the end of 2014, Upay was appointed for cashless payments at the University of Edinburgh. Upay is accepted on 42 tills at the University. The University hosts 19 retail, bar and catering outlets throughout their 9 buildings. With over 35,000 students, the choice over the system installed was driven by the solution's scalability.

Founded in 1852, the University of Edinburgh is the 6th oldest University in the English speaking world and is ranked 17th in the world.

Upay Web-Loading

Healthy eating and catering sustainability is very important to the University and the Upay solution helps them to provide the healthy foods to their students and keep them coming back by offering great incentives which are created in the back office! Upay has been embraced by the University and it is growing ever popular.

Upay allows students and staff to top-up their cashless account via the mobile app or desktop site and use the QR code on their smartphones to pay for their purchases on campus. For students that prefer to not have the mobile app or don’t have the latest smart phone, they can use the desktop or mobile site to top up their account and then use their associated student pass to pay.

Upay Modules

The University of Edinburgh also opted to make use of the Promotions module. With this, they can set up a range of different promotions, from Loyalty to Mix & Match to Meal Deals, benefiting their students with special discounts and rewards when they purchase using their Upay accounts!

Just some of the ways they incentivise their students:

  • 20% off in the Levels Café when students spend using their Upay account!

  • Buy x Get y Free: monthly offers are run offering a free item when 3 are purchased.

  • A November Autumn treat! "Spice up any hot drink with a dash of syrup and get 5 extra loyalty points!"

Social Media Usage

The University utilises social media to its maximum. Tweets and Facebook posts are sent out from the University and it’s café almost daily, reminding students to spend using their Upay accounts and advertising exciting promotions & loyalty rewards.

They involve their students by running competitions and rewarding them with discounts or extra loyalty points.

The students of the University also enjoy sharing their great experiences they have in the outlets on-site. Daily tweets are made praising the food, service and announcing their joy at the service they receive from the team. 

Making use of the Uniware Cloud Back Office

The University makes great use of the Uniware Cloud back office.

The Uniware Cloud allows the University to grant user access roles to members of staff with permissions set against the role to restrict access to specified areas of the back office.

The Uniware Cloud back office is where the University creates all of their promotions & rewards. The Promotions Module allows them to create customisable offers such as Meal Deals, Multi-Buys, Loyalty Promotions and more!

The University can also set up their card users, stock items and promotions. In the Cloud, till maps can also be created. These till maps are created using a template to fit the tills screen resolution and then by adding functions and products on to as many maps as desired. Publishing the tills maps to the tills takes place from one clear centralised solution.

Another handy tool that Edinburgh make use of is the real-time report function. These real-time reports can be run on transactions, users, products and much more. In the back office, there are over 200 standard reports and all of these can be personalised, using the filters provided to get the results that are needed. If the caterers need a report every Friday, they simply schedule them to arrive directly in their or another member of staffs’ inbox at the required time. 

University of Edinburgh Overview

  • Upay payments rolled out to over 35000 students and 8000 staff.

  • 42 tills on site, all accepting Upay cashless payments.

  • 30 Promotions currently available to staff and students on Upay

  • Uniware Cloud back office for reporting, product & promotions management and maintaining till software.

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