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Uniware were approached in 2014 by RoadChef with the intention to upgrade their current EPoS, EFT and back office system. The service station required a flexible solution as there are regularly different discounts and offers promoted. However, after exploring what Uniware were able to offer, our solutions were implemented into the various outlets at the service stations. As a result, there are many well-known outlets that are currently using the Uniware EPoS solution. 

Since our software was installed, Roadchef have announced they are excitingly opening their first motorway drive-thru Costa. The drive thru is on the M27, between junctions 3 and 4, and will also include an eat-in Costa, McDonalds, Fresh Food Cafe and WHSmith. In addition to coffee the Costa drive-thru will offer a range of sandwiches, cakes and snacks. 

The drive thru has been described by Simon Turl, CEO of Roadchef as, 'the unit looks fantastic and has excellent visibility from the M27, ensuring drivers can make a quick stop-off and enjoy a delicious Costa coffee while taking a break from their journeys'. Finally something to make those horrendous hours in rush hour a bit more bearable!

We'd like to thank 'The Caterer' for the great article discussing the opening of the first Motorway drive-thru, as well as sourcing the quote from Simon Turl. To read more of the articles 'The Caterer' write, head over to their website at:


The hardware installed onsite includes ... 

  • TcxWaves

Uniware have provided Toshiba Point of Sale terminals in partnership with Toshiba and IBM for over 15 years. As a Toshiba Gold Partner, we recommend this product to our customers for its unique balance of style, performance and retail-hardened reliability. 

The Toshiba TCxWave brings a stylish impact to the customer experience with consistent service to consumers and associates throughout the purchasing journey. 

  • Motorola DS4208 Barcode Scanners

Uniware provide a selection of barcode scanners suitable for business requirements. Handheld and free-standing scanners are available. The benefit of scanning items is seen in the average decreased queue time in processing transaction and in simplifying the Till Maps for your staff by reducing the amount of buttons visible. 

  • Toshiba - 4610NRUSB Receipt Printers

You have control over your receipts with the ability to print single or double sided and whether you want to place your logo, details or specific promotions on to the base of the receipt. 

  • Super Shorty Cash Drawers

We understand that cash is still a major requirement for some of our clients. Which is why we provide lockable cash drawers with either a horizontally sliding drawer or a flip top, making it ideal for those with restricted space. 

  • VX820's

VeriFone's VX820 is our preferred Chip and PIN machine with contactless and touch screen capabilities built in. Staff, Students and Visitors have the option to pay via credit or debit card making paying a simple and easy transaction. 

  • Drive Thru arm

A drive thru arm is essential for a drive thru service as it easily allows the driver to receive the purchase products without having to get out of their vehicle. The employee is easily able to hand over the item quickly and smoothly. 

  • DS9308 Barcode scanner

Uniware provide a selection of barcode scanners suitable for your business requirements. Handheld and free-standing scanners are available. 

  • Logwood Piks Unit

Staff interact with the Kitchen Screen system with Bump Bars, as it is an innovative touch navigation system. The system works by displaying the orders on a screen, so the baristas see them easily, make the order and then can bump them off using the piks unit. These are sealed and robust enough to survive constant use and have a 3 year warranty. 

  • Logwood Bump Bar Controller

For clients wishing to offer their staff a more diverse, cooked-to-order or fast food menu, Uniware can provide a kitchen screen screen solution to aid order delivery efficiency. As orders are placed at the point-of-sale or pre-ordered online via Upay, they are automatically displayed on a kitchen screen, enabling seamless communication between staff to reduce errors and support greater operational efficiency.

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