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Uniware Data Centre Move 2022

In March 2022, Uniware implemented the move of our data centre to a new facility to host our operations and data. Our current data centre is Hyve Managed Hosting.

Why we carried out this data centre move

It is part of Uniware's ongoing commitment to provide fast, modern and reliable systems to our customers.

Data Centre hardware gradually improves in specification and becomes more efficient over time. The new hardware we now have in place is more power efficient, and we can take advantage of the latest advances in operating systems, database versions, and resiliency. Better efficiency in data centre hardware also reduces the carbon footprint of Uniware and our clients’, reflecting our continued sustainability commitments.

How and why we chose Hyve Managed Hosting

Uniware conducted a procurement process and examined a number of potential data centre providers. Hyve were successful in that process as they offer a high level of service, improve failover service across two physically separate data centres, and have a good reputation for reliability.

What work was carried out?

Systems were prepared for some months in advance, including mirrored systems across the old and new infrastructure. Some hours of outage was required to make the final technical steps to migrate everything over to the new environment, and ensure a smooth process for all involved.

What has changed for clients?

Our hosted systems are now running on a host of new equipment offering a higher specification, improved performance, uptime and resilience, as well as being more efficient and using less power.

Benefits for clients now that we have moved to this new data centre

Improved uptime and fewer outages with brand new equipment

This move has allowed us to run at full capacity and have fail overs should we encounter any issues, ensuring our customers are always up and running

Faster operation and website responsiveness

Customers will now be able to run their reports much faster than before. Tills will be able to contact the databases much more quickly, allowing for faster trading and results

Reduced carbon footprint

As the new data centre is more power efficient, it uses less energy and is more environmentally sustainable than our old version

Secure central environment for the next 5 years

This is a very rare move, and we appreciate all our customers cooperation and patience while we went through this move. We are now operating with the highest-spec equipment and can assure our customers of the best possible service.

“Providing fast, modern and reliable systems to our clients is part of Uniware's ongoing commitment, and a robust, efficient data centre is essential to help us fulfil that promise. Uniware’s new data centre means improved up time, fewer outages, faster operation for clients. Further more, its efficiency in power usage also reflects our commitment to a more sustainable operation, as well as that of our clients.”

James Wilson, Customer Support Manager, Uniware Systems

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