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Set in the heart of England, Leicester is a city rich in heritage, history, festivals and sport. The University of Leicester was founded almost a hundred years ago, in the aftermath of the Great War and thrives on using strategic plans in order to ensure that every student alongside members of staff get the most out of the university.

Healthy eating is extremely important for any learning environment, particularly for a university where students are given such freedom about their own eating habits. That’s why Uniware are passionate about ensuring our software helps make the catering process as easy as possible, tempting students to return to eat at the university canteen.

The project with the University of Leicester started in March 2016 which was followed closely by a contract award notice in April 2016 and the system launch in September 2016.


The Solution

The University of Leicester now have a fully hosted cloud-based solution, across 24 outlets in multiple locations which include retail, Grab & Go, canteens, formal dining, mobile outlets and bars for 20,000+ students.

The hardware includes:

  • 44 x Toshiba TCx Wave PoS terminals

  • 3 x HP MX10 mobile PoS terminals (with retail jacket and docking station)

  • 6 x kitchen printers

  • 47 x 2D barcode scanners

  • 47 x Verifone VX820 terminals for Chip & Pin, Contactless and Apple Pay

This hardware is complemented with Upay to provide cashless payments, promotions & loyalty and in-app messaging. They later added the Shop module in phase 2, to allow staff & students to pre-order and pay for food to collect at a chosen time.

Stock Control was also required by the university to be able to manage their stock items and recipes as well as interfacing with Saffron Stock and Book Solve.

Further integrations will include SAP accounting, Sage, Laundry, Kinetics and Room Service which will be completed as and when the university is ready.

The Uniware solution also includes multiple purses for meal plans/catered packages, hospitality accounts and scholarship funds.

All of this is managed via the Uniware Cloud back office where designated staff with different levels of permissions can have access to various areas. The reports in the Uniware Cloud are also highly used, allowing the university to view customer trends, best-selling products and uptake on promotions that are running.

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