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Understanding Security Penetration Tests

Safeguarding Your System from Threats

In today's digital landscape, ensuring the security of your web payments service system is paramount. One crucial aspect of maintaining a robust security posture is conducting regular penetration tests.

But what exactly is an EPoS security penetration test?

A penetration test, often referred to as a pen test, is a comprehensive evaluation of your organisation's system security. It involves a systematic assessment of vulnerabilities and weaknesses to identify potential entry points that malicious actors could exploit.

We conduct annual penetration tests to maintain our Level 1 PCI Compliance, a critical requirement for ensuring the security of payment card information.

We also conduct a lighter test, perimeter scanning, on four times per annum and after any major software updates. You can view our latest scan result at any time on the login page, click the footer section link labelled PCI SECURITY.

Thorough and Ethical Assessment

Our penetration tests are carried out by experienced and qualified professionals who adhere to ethical guidelines.

We have to use a PCI approved security vendor. They conduct an extensive assessment of both external and internal system security, evaluating potential risks from different perspectives.

By providing login credentials, we allow the test to simulate attacks from an authenticated user's standpoint, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation.

The Penetration Testing Process:

1.Scoping: The scope of the test is defined, outlining the target website and associated infrastructure.

2. Reconnaissance: Information gathering is conducted to understand the system's architecture, network topology, software versions, and potential vulnerabilities. This involves passive and active techniques such as network scanning and social engineering.

3. Vulnerability Assessment: A thorough scan is performed to identify any potential vulnerabilities.

4. Exploitation: Once vulnerabilities are identified, penetration testers attempt to exploit them to gain unauthorised access to the system. This may involve techniques such as attempting SQL injection.

Upon completion of the testing phase, the obtained information is analysed, and a comprehensive report is generated. This report includes detailed findings, vulnerabilities identified, exploitation techniques used, and recommendations for enhancing the EPoS system's security.

Why is it Important?

Website security penetration tests are crucial, by conducting these tests, we ensure that your sensitive data and information remain secure, protecting both your business and your customers.

By staying proactive and safeguarding your EPoS system from potential threats, we help minimise disruption to your business operations, providing peace of mind for you and your customers.


For more information about Uniware and our EPoS systems please contact us today

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