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Uniware Systems are excited to announce the launch of Upay Go. Upay Go is the next generation payment and loyalty system that allows customers to complete payment and loyalty in one transaction via the Upay app. Upay Go makes it easier for customers to make fast payments and gain exclusive loyalty whilst focusing on the main attraction at your outlets. When the user begins the journey with Upay Go, they will set up an account and will be required to enter in their payment card details. When they choose to make a purchase, the transaction will take place and remove the funds directly from their debit or credit card at that moment in time. 

Upay Go is smarter as it does not require a stored value on the system and therefore doesn’t require the user to top-up a balance on their account. Upay Go streamlines the customer experience on Upay, meaning that time spent on the application is geared towards loyalty, promotions and upselling products through our click and collect ordering service and in your retail areas. The Upay Go account comes with statements for full transactional history as would be expected by all payment providers.

  • When the customer has reached the checkout, all is required is a scan of a QR code with your mobile to make the loyalty and payments transaction.

  • Upay Go comes with payments and loyalty, promotions, click and collect ordering and basket information as standard.

  • Complete flexibility with our services – we have the ability to be a single and complete solution provider or to integrate if required

  • Reduce queues on average by 25% at all your key payment areas

  • Smarter reporting and sales data analysis

  • Cut wastage and control stock centrally

  • Cloud hosting to take away the hassle

  • Avenues for you to communicate with your customers

  • Strong security features like card cancellation and spend limits set by the client or customer

  • Loyalty & Payment in one transaction. Customers can still benefit from all of the Upay functionality including Loyalty & Promotions that they wouldn’t receive if they paid via Contactless.

  • White-labeling Upay Go options available

  • Available on the Upay MID or on the dedicated client MID. For details on our MID rates, please contact our sales team on 0800 393 307 or via the contact form

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