Uniware Systems has created an overnight parking management system for select clients that need to capture number plates for overnight parking payments. There is also the ability to provide discount vouchers or food value vouchers at the end of the PoS details capture process. This is used to incentivise lorry drivers to park at dedicated Motorway Services. 

Uniware has created a new till button with dedicated workflows for entering parking details. The process is fast and can be completed in just a few steps. Vehicle registration entry, start date and cost bracket can be completed and charged.  

If food vouchers are set up in the back office for provision, the voucher will be printed automatically with a confirmation screen for the operator to check the voucher is correct. 

The customer can then just scan the voucher at defined food outlets on either restricted or unrestricted sets of items. A receipt for parking is also provided. 

EDIT: The system has now been configured to provide different types and quantities of vouchers depending on the customer present. If you wish to reward your customers in different ways based on customer type, you are now able to provide varying or multiple rewards.

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