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New interactive Upay FAQ for users

After the summer break, our clients across various sectors tend to see an uptake in the Upay cashless and loyalty app. To help new Upay users with any common questions they may have, we have created an interactive FAQ that allows them to easily find answers for their questions.

How it works

When Upay user clicks on the button ‘Need help’ on the Upay website, a window will open with some common subjects for them to select. There are currently 7 main subjects, with various sub-subjects inside each one. Clicking on one of these subjects will show them how to troubleshoot them, allowing the customer to quickly solve the issue for themselves without having to open a support ticket and wait for help. If the customer cannot find the answer for their query, they will have the option to contact Uniware Support team for further help.

Instant self-support enhanced Upay customer experience

In less than 2 months since its launch, the new interactive FAQ has had nearly 50,000 views from Upay users, with more than 99.75% of users able to help themselves straightaway and proceeding to use Upay without having to submit a support ticket.

This interactive FAQ is currently available on the Upay website, and will soon be available on the app as well. The FAQ also constantly evolves with our live update system, ensuring that users can have the smoothest experience with Upay.

Have a question about the new Upay interactive FAQ? Contact our team today at!

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