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Founded in 1829, Kings College London is the 4th oldest University in England. With 26,500 students from 150 countries and around 7000 employees, this client needed a system that could handle a high volume of transactions and the heavy traffic of student & staff purchasing.

The University approached Uniware early 2015 and became a client in June that year with the EPoS solution installed in August.

Since then Kings College London has seen a massive increase in sales up by 36% and EfT transactions rose from below 40% to 70% of the transactions made, being completed via either debit or credit card.

In 2016, Upay Payments and Loyalty was implemented across the site through the Upay Top-Up system.

All of Uniware's EfT terminals operate under the P2PE (Point to Point Encryption) standard which allowed Kings College to fully pass a PCI Audit and be fully PCI Compliant. 


  • Decreased fraud

  • Secured transactions at the point of sale

  • Standardised encryption

  • Maximised PED security

  • Reduced PCI DSS scope for merchants


With a 40% reduction in queue times achieved with the Uniware solution, the University decided to introduce Upay on the Uniware MID in September 2016 to further enhance the customer experience at their many outlets onsite.

Being on the Uniware MID gives automatic PCI Compliancy so the University does not have to complete any steps to meet PCI standards. 

Since implementation, Upay has seen thousands of Top-Ups with 39% of the top up value being made by Auto Top-Up and 61% of the value being made by Pay-As-You-Go Top-Ups. 

The College also use the in-app and push messaging service to communicate with users about formal events and closing times of the outlets. 

Loyalty points are also provided to students and staff. When loyalty points are accumulated, customers can then choose at what point they want to spend them. 

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Marketing & Training

To help the University with the implementation of Upay, Uniware delivered a training and marketing plan during May and June 2016 to show staff & students the easy-to-use system and explore the benefits that Upay will bring to both the University and their customers. 

Overview and Stats

  • Sales up 36%

  • Sales on EfT increased from 40% to 70%

  • Queue time reduced by 40%

  • Upay implemented September 2016

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