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Jonas global conference

Exploring the Future - Sept 2023

Jonas software global conference


Jonas software, as one of the six Constellation Software operating groups, has the backing, creditability and security of an exceptional publicly listed parent company.

Jonas has 140+ companies to its name around the globe making an impressive portfolio of brands globally, offering certainty and reliability.

Gathered in Toronto, Canada, Alex Head, Uniware General Manager joined like-minded colleagues from across the Jonas family of software companies to share best practice, set goals for future and the celebrate our amazing people. There were many breakout sessions for focused discussions on key common areas which are affecting our clients worldwide.

Alex Head, General Manager commented,

‘It was great to get such a diverse perspective on common topics within software development. We delve deep into its intricacies, understanding how we can reshape the landscape of software development. It's about crafting smarter, more efficient solutions that empower our clients and elevate their experiences. It's a testament to our commitment to paving the way for unwavering success.'

The conference also recognised the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in each business unit, and delivered a Keynote discussion reflecting our dedication to responsible corporate practices. Acknowledging our responsibility to the planet, society, and ethical governance.

We possess the financial robustness of a sizable publicly traded corporation, facilitating the seamless exchange of knowledge across our various enterprises. However, we also actively manage and operate our business at brand level, allowing us to function as a more agile and collaborative partner.

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