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Stadia and Events

Uniware Systems have been commissioned to work with leading Stadia and Leisure clients to solve a range of issues. 

A particular client has made significant improvements to its staff catering through the Uniware Systems EPoS solution.

First introduced in 1998, the sophisticated EPoS platform now consists of 47 point-of-sale terminals to deal with up to 10,000 staff members, players, press and media personnel during multiple events at the club, through BAU and some of the grandest tournaments of the sporting year.

The Challenge

Traditionally, the Club had to provide hundreds of temporary staff with paper vouchers to be redeemed for lunch and dinners at the catering outlets. 

A client spokesperson notes, “The old vouchers were slow to use but I think we managed to keep the queues down. However, each voucher could only be used on any one day, generating a massive reconciliation task at the end of the tournament”

“With a fully automated system based on barcodes integrated with our accreditation passes, the Uniware solution has reduced the queues and solved the reconciliation process. What had taken a full week’s work is now just an automatic report, with immediate sales information available to the catering team.”

“The new system has removed all of these problems at a stroke”. 

“All staff now have a barcode on their accreditation cards. Programmed into the system is the daily food credit for that individual; they select their food, the caterer rings it up on the till and then scans the barcode. If the cost is more than the amount left for that day, users can pay the excess. The meal cost is matched to the individual and stored on the system in a fast and accurate process.”

“At the end of the grand tournament and other events, the caterers run a report and, effectively, the reconciliation is done. It’s that simple".

The EPoS

The Club runs a mixture of Toshiba Point of Sale terminals including the newest range of Toshiba TCxWave PoS. 

Benefits from the Toshiba powered Uniware solution spring from its complete integration with the Club’s systems.

While the reduction in the reconciliation is a direct, measurable benefit, the intangible but essential benefit has been the reduction in time spent dealing with the food vouchers.

“It’s so easy and simple now. We know exactly who has taken their meals and when. This helps us with planning breaks. We even know what they have eaten, which helps the caterers too.”

“The whole thing has been running since 1998 and now we really don’t have to worry about it. Frankly, the caterers liaise with Uniware Systems and the club is hardly involved at all. It’s terrific!”

“For the Club, we use this system for the three Championship weeks a year, and in less busy times so the cost can be amortised over a long period, as we expect to be using it for years to come. 

As well as the measurable cost/benefit, one key objective is to run our events in the best manner possible: and since time pressure is one of the features of the event, the time saved for everyone is invaluable.

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