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AEGON provide life insurance, pensions and asset management to around 2 million UK customers. Its mission is to ready the UK’s population for retirement. As with insurance products that need to move with the times, the facilities at AEGON and customer messages were also being updated and AEGON knew it was time to upgrade the staff’s catering experience and technology.



  • Upay payments rolled out to +3000 staff

  • 100% Cashless across the site

  • Extra loyalty, promotions & Order Ahead modules

  • 44 Cashless Vending Machines

  • Smartphone payments accepted across 8 Toshiba Till Points

  • Upay, Credit, Debit & Contactless Payments for visitors

  • The Uniware Cloud back office for BI dashboard, product management & till software

  • Upay merchant services


Having had a cashless system for many years, when AEGON went to the market in 2014 they were looking for the latest innovation solution which brought benefit to the caterers, the client and most importantly the users, AEGON staff.

With 3,000 users on site, the brief was to go completely cashless and remove all the physical cash loaders and visitor machines. AEGON were looking for a market leading system, that not only could deliver 100% cashless but continually offer users the confidence to register their credit or debit cards for top-up and know that their money was safe when the cash loading was removed. 

Upay Web-Loading

By implementing Upay web-loading over the internet, and on the mobile phone Apps any concerns of users not having control of their money was quickly eliminated when users realised they could see a full detailed statement of their cashless transactions within 90 seconds of the sale at either the till or the vending machines.

As well as full audit information for users, Upay offers users the ability to top-up, auto-top up when the account gets to a certain value, pay using their phone, view promotions, accumulate and redeem loyalty points and even pre-order food using the Upay Order Ahead functionality. 

Overall Benefits to Client and Caterer

The benefits to the client and caterer were quickly realised, with the increased speed of transactions through the PoS terminals, reduction of queuing and increased £ sales revenue by offering loyalty and promotions within an innovative customer experience made possible by innovative & aesthetic technology.

Moving to Uniware for cashless payments also brought live and real-time reporting across the tills & vending machines allowing the caterers complete visibility of their product lines, best & worst sellers, and the functionality to offer promotions & loyalty at the optimum session times in order to increase footfall throughout the catering offering

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