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Kitchen Display Solutions (KDS)

Effective Communication

Communication between front-of-house and kitchen is crucial for a great customer experience. 

When linked with Uniware EPoS, kitchen display screens provide staff with order details, facilitating automatic updates and preparation according to special requirements or allergens.

KDS Manager Reports:

The KDS report via the Uniware Cloud portal gives you the ability to generate a reports designed to be intuitive and give you the insight required to run an efficient kitchen service.

Kitchen Display Solutions (KDS) - digitally processing kitchen orders. Logwood

Vending Payments

Widening Accepted Payment Types

Enhance vending sales by retrofitting payment to existing or new vending machines.

Upgrade your vending with contactless payment, mobile and NFC ready technology, fast one-touch digital payments. 

With the ability to accept UPay payments, a vending controller that can be fitted on to your existing vending machines.

Vending EPOS

Robot Waiter

Staff Can Focus on Customer Experience

Utilising robotic waiters enhances delivery efficiency, allowing staff to prioritise customer experience.

Integrating a robot waiter can improve your efficiency, service quality, and the dining experience while reducing labour costs and enhancing operational effectiveness.

These robots can handle:

Robot waiter

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