Rejuvenating engagement

Uniwares Re-usable Rewards QR Cup

Eco benefits


Reduce your landfill by eliminating single-use use cups from your establishment.

Supporting sustainability with re-usable cups made in the UK from 100% recycled polypropylene plastic which is BPA-free.

Increased basket size

Release special offers

Encourage increased basket size by offering cross-product promotions, such as a 20% discount on cakes when you scan your reusable cup.

This initiative aims to introduce new habits and entice customers to try new menu items.


Release special offers

UPay App reward points

Collect points using the UPay member app, which contribute towards exciting rewards upon reaching set thresholds.

  • Buy 5 hot drinks and get the 6th one free.
  • Participate in department competitions where collective points count towards a shared goal.
  • Achieve points milestones to unlock higher discounts on future purchases.

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Reward cups

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