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A year in Development

As we celebrate another milestone in our journey, we are thrilled to showcase the significant strides we've made in development throughout 2023.

Our EPoS solution is owned and developed by Uniware Systems, this gives us the unique ability to craft innovative solutions to meet our clients present and future needs. Backed by a fantastic development team with a wealth of experience, we can deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving EPoS market demands. This year, our commitment saw the introduction of solutions that significantly elevate the customer experience.

Revamped Order Kiosk Interface

The focus on user experience has taken center stage, our developers have created an intuitive self-serve kiosk interface.

Our dedicated developers meticulously crafted features empowering clients to create their menus, offering customisable selections such as bread types and fillings. Moreover, strategic marketing screens were integrated to maximise upselling opportunities by linking complementary products, enhancing basket sizes.

Collaborating closely with a design agency, we fashioned an enticing ordering process to amplify operational efficiency. Following the same setup process as our Upay Order Ahead product allowed our first customers to go live with minimal training.

Insight Plus

In a bid to transform how our clients analyse data, we unveiled Insight Plus—a robust business intelligence tool empowering a comprehensive visualisation of operations.

This tool empowers data-driven decision-making by identifying trends and patterns that might otherwise remain elusive, thus enhancing informed strategies.

Events II

Building upon our existing Events module app, which is designed to manage your event from bookings to arrival, including menu choices to reduce waste and allergens, we actively engaged with our clients to gather insights on enhancements.

Subsequently, our team diligently implemented these inputs, culminating in the launch of Events II in September. The new iteration incorporates pivotal features, including associating meal choices with named diners and improved allergen warnings.

The changes derived from collaborative client feedback, to streamline event management processes effectively.

Universal Primary Free school meals in Wales

Anticipating the imminent Universal Primary Free school meals policy rollout in Wales, our collaboration with the Caerphilly County Borough Council has been instrumental.

Their proactive engagement has ensured the adaptation of the an electronic system to record meal uptake and pass electronic statistics onwards to government systems.

Security and Integration Enhancements

As the threat landscape evolves, our development team remains vigilant in fortifying our systems against cyber threats.

Encryption technologies, tokenisation, and enhanced authentication measures are pivotal in safeguarding sensitive customer data and pre-empting potential breaches. We have introduced stronger passwords and multi-factor authentication to Uniware Cloud.

Furthermore, our efforts in expanding software integrations have seen the inclusion of WisePay in schools, Harlequin patient money handling in hospitals, and export into the University E5 finance system which underscore our commitment to accessibility and ease of use.

In summary, 2023 stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, and we eagerly anticipate further opportunities to push boundaries and deliver unparalleled solutions in the year ahead.

Looking ahead to 2024

Our unwavering dedication to innovation continues unabated. Exciting developments on the horizon include initiatives such as the Re-Turn can/bottle deposit scheme being introduced nationally in Ireland and incorporating CO2 levels in menu options, empowering customers to make eco-conscious choices, further solidifying our commitment to cutting-edge solutions.


Feel free to reach out to us if you wish to discuss any of the points mentioned above or if you would like to learn more about the advantages of our EPoS system.


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