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Payments are the soul of any EPoS solution.


Uniware provides payment options for quick and reliable transactions with cash, cashless, chip & pin, contactless and mobile payments with Upay.

Upay Mobile App

  • Uniware can link to any security or site card system.

  • Students & staff can then top up their cards through the Upay application or via account loader machines. 

  • Upay offers mobile app payment at the till and order ahead facilities.

Chip & Pin/Contactless

  • Uniware offers reliable and advanced EfT solutions.


  • Including: Chip & Pin, Contactless and Mobile Payment transactions such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Choose between a fixed or mobile solution on the Uniware MID or the client MID.

Loyalty & Promotions

  • Loyalty and Promotions are available on the PoS terminal and are managed by the Uniware Cloud.

  • Sites that use Upay payments have an extra layer of promotion and loyalty capabilities on the Upay application. 

Upay Mobile App

The Upay App is packed with payment options including payment through phone, site card or on the order ahead module.


The mobile app and desktop application has vast loyalty and promotional capabilities, with promotions, vouchers, surveys and push-messaging included. 

QR Code Loyalty Points Phone.png


Allow your customers to make instant payments at the PoS using their smartphone or site card.


Upay allows customers to prepay or use direct pay options and accepts all Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

Event Listing 5 Phone.png

Other Payments & Events

Accept payments for any purpose on the Upay app with the online payments & events modules.


Create tailored forms with key fields for payment acceptance and use the fully fledged event booking module for ticketing & payment.

Promotions Widget Phone.png


Upay can run as a loyalty only app or can host loyalty alongside payments.


Loyalty points, promotions, discounts, push messaging, in-app messaging and vouchers are all available through the application.


Essex Balance Phone.png

White Labelling

Why not display Upay in your brand so that it is instantly recognisable to your customers?


Upay can be tailored to your business with your logo, fonts, images and colour schemes.

Order Menu Basket Phone.png

Online Ordering​

Upay comes with an online ordering module that lets customers pre-order food or other products for collection or delivery.


Digital statements are available for all types of transaction as standard!

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Marketing & Engagement

Keep customers engaged with your business and with Upay by push messaging, in-app messaging, customer surveys, opt-in email address access and uploadable documentation.

App Integrations

Uniware EPoS partners with a number of payment applications allowing you to utilise an existing application you may already use on site.

With a simple API, the Uniware EPoS can integrate and work with an existing payment application.

Uniware App Integrations.jpg
  • Compatible with YoYo Wallet

  • More integrations in the pipeline

  • If you need to ask us about an integration that would work for your business please contact us

Fixed EFT

Fixed EFT is available to clients who would prefer the security and convenience of integrated terminals. Uniware partners with VeriFone, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, WorldPay, Ingenico and Miura to bring payment solutions that are the best fit for each and every client. 

Uniware Fixed EFT.jpg
  • Fully integrated 

  • Fast and reliable payments

  • Available on the Uniware MID or on the client MID

  • Seamless integration between Uniware and payment processing services

Mobile EFT

Mobile EFT offers clients the flexibility to move around with their Chip & Pin and Contactless provision. Perfect for bar, restaurant or busy locations that require queue busting. Choose from Uniware's EFT partners for resilient and leading mobile EFT hardware.

Uniware Mobile EFT.jpg
  • Secure EFT terminals

  • Can be taken to the customer for payment

  • Rugged to limit damage if dropped

  • Super-fast transaction times

Merchant Options

Uniware can work with either the client or caterer MID for payment transaction processing, or can offer the Uniware Merchant through Upay.

Upay is an FCA regulated Authorised Payment Institution.

Uniware Merchant Services.jpg
  • Uniware can work with the client MID

  • Uniware's processing services are competitive and reliable

  • Many clients use the Upay MID for processing of Upay and EFT transactions

  • Weekly automated settlement procedures with the Uniware MID


Configure your loyalty scheme to reward your customers for spending on site. Set a rate per £1 for customers to earn when they spend and allow them to redeem points at any time on any transaction.


You can also set extra loyalty points against selected products if you want to boost sales or awareness about those products; perfect for boosting a healthy eating campaign or similar initiatives! 


You can also use extra loyalty points to reduce wastage potential, so if sales on a particular product have slowed simply apply additional loyalty points and promote it!


With customisable promotions, retain your customer base through continuous incentive's.

With endless possibilities, create promotions to fit a campaign you are running, to boost sales of particular products or just to reward your happy customers!


Replace traditional methods of promotions such as loyalty stamp cards with Upay. Purchases are tracked automatically and updated in the users Upay account with full visibility of promotions' progress  


An extension of the promotions module, provide vouchers in digital or printed format to both customers and potential customers.


Highly configurable, each voucher can be tailored to your requirements and can represent a monetary value, discount percentage, discount value, extra loyalty points, promotion activator or an item.


Vouchers can be earned, purchased or issued to individual or multiple users and can be redeemed in the Upay app or from a voucher receipt.

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