Carbon footprint labels on menus

How do you add carbon footprint labeling to your menu?

Consumers are increasingly prioritising sustainability and actively seeking out businesses that offer low-carbon options. But for restaurateurs, implementing carbon footprint labels on menus might seem like a daunting administrative task. 

It may be easier than you think to add carbon footprint labels to your menu

By leveraging an Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system that can display portion relative Kg CO2e calculated by carbon calculating experts such as Klimato or Nutritics.

When you the Kg CO2e data into your Uniware EPoS system, your self-service order kiosks or online ordering app will automatically display the carbon footprint of the food you produce, making it transparent for your customers.

But will your customers understand what these labels mean?

Communication is key to ensuring that customers can make informed choices. Utilising the simple symbols indicating High, Medium, and Low carbon emission levels your clients will quickly and easily comprehend the carbon footprint of each menu item, empowering them to make choices that have a positive impact on the planet.

Insight driven sustainability reports

Combined with loyalty programs designed to reward customers for choosing low-carbon footprint meals, you’ll be well on your way to supporting sustainability targets while fostering customer engagement and loyalty.

Providing your customers with choice

Introducing carbon footprint labels to your menu isn’t just about meeting consumer demand—it’s about demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and providing your customers with the information they need to make environmentally conscious choices. 

With the right tools and communication strategies in place, you can seamlessly integrate sustainability into your business operations and make a meaningful contribution to a greener future.

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