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Improve catering staff efficiency by giving customers more control

A look into how restaurants and catering outlets can do more with fewer staff by allowing customers to serve themselves using the QR code online order solution Scan – Order – Pay (no app required).

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In this webinar, we explore:

Why introduce a QR code online order solution to your catering outlets? – Learn about the benefits of this solution for caterers

Various ways you can use the solution to improve staff efficiency and customer experience – our presenter will demonstrate how Scan – Order – Pay can serve both your loyal and casual customers in different ways that suit them, as well as how you can use unique QR codes for various outlets, and multiple QR codes for your different events or customer types

Data management – See how you can easily create online menus from existing items, as well as how to analyse sales and customer data across your catering outlets

"The staffing crisis in the UK hospitality sector has been an ongoing challenge for caterers for quite a while now, and we don't need statistics from industry sources like The Caterer to show us how difficult it continues to be for the industry. That leads to a common question among caterers: how to do more with fewer staff? We aim to answer that question in this webinar (and more questions relating to QR code online order solutions). Join us in the webinar to see how you can tackle this issue at your catering outlets."

Gary Ramsdale, Business Development Manager, Uniware Systems


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Business Development Manager

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