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Voucher Shop now available in Upay

Do you sell vouchers at your business? Vouchers can be issued for free as part of your promotion campaigns (read more about various ways you can boost customer loyalty with promotion features here), but you can also issue different types of vouchers for sale to diversify your offerings, enhance customer experience and boost revenues.

The Voucher Shop feature is now available and free to use for all clients using Upay, allowing your customers to buy vouchers directly from the Upay app as well as at the tills. They can use cash, their cashless balance, or accumulated loyalty points to buy vouchers.

Type of vouchers you can offer

A few examples of the voucher types you can use are meal plan vouchers, gift cards, or subscription vouchers such as coffee/drink subscription, breakfast/lunch subscription, etc.

How does it work?

Your customers can buy vouchers directly from the Upay app or at the tills. Depending on how you set up the voucher, it can either be automatically applied to the customer’s account, or they will receive a QR code after paying, and they can scan this QR code to spend at your outlets, or send the code onto other people if it is a gift card.

Are you a Uniware client who wants to start setting up your Voucher Shop? Please contact your dedicated Account Manager, or email us at and our team will get back in touch to help you set it up.

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