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The Beginning of the Journey

Whether it be a quick toilet stop for the kids or a break for a wake up coffee and a muffin, everyone who has travelled on a motorway has been to at least one of these popular service stations in their lifetime. Our client is now the third largest motorway services in the UK.

Founded in July 1973 and now with over 3000 employees, 300 suppliers and 10 distributers, our client operates 30 Motorway Services and turns over at least £200 million a year. A rigid solution was required that would provide the ability to continue giving fast service to valued customers.

Uniware were approached in 2014 by this client with the intention to upgrade their current EPoS, EFT and back office system. This client wanted a fully functioning EPoS system running on tried and tested hardware with integration of sales data into SAP real time and the ability to access sales data in real time with the Qlikview reporting tool.

Another requirement was to develop the PoS to use multiple cash drawers and to have developed different cash up methods by the time of implementation. The service station needed a flexible solution with changes detailed to existing to promotions and discounts, asking us to change the functionality, the way the PoS recognises them and also to add new types, which we were able to comply with.

This was to be implemented into the various outlets at the service stations. There are many well-known outlets that will be using the Uniware EPoS solution and making good use of the developed promotions and discounts. 

After a very long Tender process, Uniware won the contract and is now the main EPoS supplier across the estate.

Quick Stats

  • Reduced downtime - they've seen an 80% reduction in calls.

  • Extended support - hours doubled from the previous system to 6am - 11pm.

  • Faster fixes - Uniware engineers operate a 4 hour response time.

  • Contactless & ApplePay enabled with AndroidPay coming soon!

Enhance the experience with Toshiba

The client required us to present 3 different PoS terminals during the tender process. They wanted to improve functionality and increase both stability and durability. The need-to-have list included a robust base unit with integrated customer display, a 15in+ monitor with good responsiveness, contrast/light adjustments and minimal bulk and footprint. With this in mind, the client decided to follow our preferred PoS option, the Toshiba TCxWave. They also opted for Toshiba 2600 integrated customer display and Toshiba 4610-1NR thermal receipt printers to compliment the PoS terminal and enhance the experience for the customer.

Once completed, the project will have installed 269 TCxWaves, along with 269 of each of the Toshiba peripherals. The use of the Toshiba products will improve performance and provide a fast and reliable service to their customers who expect the highest level of service as they break from their travels.

Toshiba is a well-known, respected name in the technology industry across the whole of the UK. Ranging from digital products such as televisions, laptops and tablets to the EPoS industry, supplying PoS terminals and peripherals, everyone has owned or interacted with a Toshiba product in their lifetime.

It has also marked a change in the EPoS industry and the trend where style and reliability is prioritised over price. Toshiba has always been one of the first to create sleek and stylish new hardware, especially with PoS terminals. Retailers are seeing the benefit of a sturdy solution that also looks appealing their customers. 

Contactless, P2PE & PCI

Contactless is enabled on all Chip & Pin terminals across the site. This allows them to provide their customers with a quick tap & go option when paying with their contactless debit or credit card.

We run Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) across all of our devices which conforms to PCI Security. This maximizes security for debit/credit card information which is a critical challenge for merchants today.

Uniware removes all PCI responsibility from the client by putting all running transactions through our MID.

Further Developments

Since initial project implementation Roadchef have extended Uniware services and intelligence to other areas of the business. This includes an array of Costa Drive Thru outlets using dedicated Uniware software.

Rollouts across the UK began in early 2017 and this new concept is accessible at various locations including Clackett Lane East & Westbound and Norton Canes.

In addition to coffee, the Costa Drive Thru’s will offer a range of sandwiches, cakes and snacks.

On the Drive Thru situated on the M27, Simon Turl CEO of Roadchef comments, “The unit looks fantastic and has excellent visibility from the M27, ensuring drivers can make a quick stop-off and enjoy a delicious Costa coffee while taking a break from their journeys”.

Another huge project has been the development of a white labelled Upay application, Captains Club.

Captains Club allows Coach drivers to earn and redeem loyalty points and incentivise the drivers for using Roadchef Service Stations.

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