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Are you paying too much for card payment services? No? Sure?

Card payments now take up 50 – 70% of all UK business transactions, meaning that a tiny amount you pay for each transaction will soon add up. To make it more complicated, many Merchant Statements include in the fine print hidden fees such as PCI fee, card-not-present fee (CNP), minimum monthly service charges (MMSC), scheme fees, annual fees – the list goes on.

Discover if (and how much) you can save

With our 10-minute Card Payment Service Health Check, we will guide you through the process to read and understand your Merchant Statement:

Identify any the hidden fees you are currently paying

Estimate how much you can save monthly and yearly

The check is free, straight-forward and completely confidential

You don’t need to be a Uniware client or use our products and services to benefit from this service

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"Time and time again, I meet with businesses who generally don’t understand their merchant statements and aren’t aware of the hidden fees contained within it. Some appear periodically whereas some fee structures are built on such a complex way that its near impossible to understand what you are actually paying.


It's always a good idea to thoroughly examine your statement to make sure you know what're you're paying for, because small percentages here and there will make a huge difference if card payment takes up the majority of your business transactions."

Paul Whitcombe, Account Manager, Uniware Systems

Book your 10-minute Card Payment Service Health Check

Your monthly number of card transactions:

Your monthly card turnover (£):

Are you paying any hidden charges?

Thank you for booking this Card Payment Service Health Check. One of our consultants will get back in touch with you soon!

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Want to explore Uniware's Merchant Services?

With Vesta Merchant Services, Uniware's merchant services partner, we can achieve the most competitive merchant acquirer rates for your business, while helping you reduce cost and administration across payment services. We are among the rare few providers that are transparent and upfront about all possible fees charged, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge of true cost-of-sale.

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