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Loyalty and Promotions are crucial to modern retailing and hospitality.

With competition rising in retail and foodservice markets, customers need incentivising to make that initial or return purchase whilst you focus on excellent service and strong emotional connection.

Our Loyalty & Promotions solution works either in isolation or in conjunction with our payment services.

Incentivise your customers with great offers onsite with customisable promotions, loyalty schemes and vouchers.


Configure your loyalty scheme to reward your customers for spending on site.

Set a rate per £1 for customers to earn when they spend and allow them to redeem points at any time on any transaction.

You can also set extra loyalty points against selected products if you want to boost sales or awareness about those products; perfect for boosting a healthy eating campaign! 



With customisable promotions, retain your customer base through continuous incentive's.

With endless possibilities, create promotions to fit a campaign you are running, to boost sales of particular products or just to reward your happy customers!


Replace traditional methods of promotions such as loyalty stamp cards with Upay. Purchases are tracked automatically and updated in the users Upay account with full visibility of promotions' progress  



An extension of the promotions module, provide vouchers in digital or printed format to both customers and potential customers.


Highly configurable, each voucher can be tailored to your requirements.

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