Uniware has provided EPoS, Payment & loyalty solutions to the business & industry and law firm sectors for over 20 years.

Uniware have become established in the B&I and Law Firm sectors.

Our clients trust our solution to keep their customers' engaged and coming back for more with our intuitive EPoS. Offices all over London and the rest of the UK use the Uniware system for their onsite cafés, restaurants, gyms, laundry services, nail bars and other amenities.


The intuitive Uniware EPoS allows banking & industry and law firm clients to have a centralised but segregated system across their outlet(s). All tills etc. can be connected to one company but then split down by outlet if required.


Most city folk don't jingle anymore. Chip & Pin, Contactless and Upay are more convenient and quicker methods of payment for the busy city life.




In-app messaging and push notifications from the Upay app have improved communication between the outlets and staff. Information from events to last minute deals can be shared instantly to their Upay users' phones.  

Business Analysis

The Uniware Cloud reporting suite and dashboard give you the analytical data you need to know what is going on in all aspects of your Uniware solution.



Loyalty Balance Phone.png


With all the temptations of outside retailers, cafes and restaurants, Upay helps our business & industry and law firm clients to keep their staff purchasing at the onsite outlets and is beneficial to both client and customer.

Self Service

In a retail, restaurant or coffee-to-go environment, a self-service station can improve the speed and efficiency of service. With smart technology, a standard self service allows you to scan items but the latest innovation is a 4D scanner than can tell what items are on the customers' tray.


Most clients in this sector opt to link staffs Upay accounts to the security passes that each member of staff has. With an easy import service from the system to Uniware, all information is uploaded and linked.

Promo & Loyalty

With promotion and loyalty schemes, incentivise customers to keep their customers in-house. Engage your users with sign-up promos, loyalty points and multi-buys such as "Buy 9 Coffees, Get 1 Free".

Order Ahead

Allow your staff to skip the queues with the ability to Order Ahead. Whether it's ordering their morning coffee on their way into work and grabbing it as they come through the door, or pre-ordering lunch to beat the rush.